Alien Comics

With this post - number 400 - we conclude the analysis of the aliens in Disney comics. 

Mickey Mouse was born in 1928; the first sci-fi comic, "Buck Rogers", appears one year later, but the success of the genre comes with “Flash Gordon” (1934), that fights against Ming.

Italian journal of Disney Comics "Paperino" will host in 1937 “Saturno contro la Terra” (1937) of Pedrocchi, where Saturno tries to invade our planet, with italian protagonists and realistic charachters. But after the war, alien themes will appear even in Disneyan comics.

After the war, in 1947, Eta Beta is a “man of the future” very similar to the gray aliens discovered in Roswell; Uncle Scrooge, always in search of treasures with the help of Donald Duck and his nephews will often meet the secrets of the earth and often aliens. One of the first alien stores is perhaps the italian story Paperino e i due marziani (1952), in the year in which starts italian "fantascienza".

Scrooge did many other space travels, reconstructed here, but a very important one appears in Guido Martina’s “The History of the Ducks” (1970) a masterpiece of Italian comics. Here uncle Scrooge makes another travel on the moon to get back an old treasure that he has hidden here

We discover that the Duck’s clan dates back from old Egypt Pharaon Pah-Phe-Rheo, who in the attempt to save his treasures from ancient predators left Egypt for Rome. Here his treasure is confiscated to finance the expedition in Scotland, and so his heir Petronius Paperonius follows his forced “investment” to Loch Ness. From here the Ducks will left for other adventures and finally come in America. So the De Prosperi's story that unveils that the ducks descent from alien Horus has a particular meaning.

The theme of the alien paper it is not new: in 1973, three year after the "duck history" in Italy, Marvel comic “Howard the Duck” spread the thesis of another world where evolution from the ducks will bring to creatures identical to Disney Ducks. One of them, Howard, falls among us and saves our world from destruction.

Howard the Duck will become a movie in 1986, one year before the row of alien stories in Italian "Topolino" that we have seen. The recurring theme is that alien exists, are in contact with the Earth, and some initiates (like Mickey Mouse) keep them under control.

In 1995, Disney documentary "Alien Encounters" alluded to the possible real existence of the aliens, in a movie later disappeared from the Disney Archives. The theme is presented even in "Lilo e Stitch" (2001), the explicit "alien cartoon" realized by Disney. In it, terrestrial secret agents illude the aliens that the earth is a natural preserve. So there's nothing more to do, except waiting for these Alien Duck to really appear on Earth.

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