Alien Ducks

I’ve found recently many old “Mickey Mouse” Italian comic books. I’ve bought only the ones in which I found alien stories, my most recent interest, and so I discovered that, around 1988, a good number of stories were about not only aliens, but “atlantidean” aliens, secretly controlling the history of our world. The first I found is in Topolino (Italian for Mickey Mouse) n. 1633, in 1987, where the mouse discovers an Atlantidean city under the “square” of the Bermudas.

The second one, in 1988 (Topolino 1702), is about evil aliens founder of the Pyramids civilization. They come back to destroy earth, but Mickey deceives them and saves the earth. The story is on the comic book that marks the passage from Italian house Mondadori to Walt Disney Corporation, so it’s really important.   

The story, anonymous in the comic book, is from Pier Francesco Prosperi, an expert writer of "hermetical" themes (confront here, in italian only).

Another (this time with author firm) story, in Topolino 1804 (1990), is a comics gamebook with many possible finals; in Disney, a Bruno Concina’s invention, later abandoned (in comics, comics gamebook have been invented in the first ‘80s by Diceman, an English comics journal). In the right path, we discover that the Aztec Pyramid has been built by the aliens to control our historical evolution.
In fact, Disney comics world sees two great types of sentient animals: Ducks and Mice. The Mice (except for historical characters, differenced from humans only by the different nose) are very near to mankind in aspect, and also a prehistoric rodent is our ancestor. The Ducks are, perhaps, the heirs of Atlantis Tradition, mixed with us in ancient times.

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