Claire Bennet in "Heroes" (2006)

(Spoiler alert, as usual). 
I've finished the fifth season of "Heroes" and so I can now repost, in english, my old analysis of this serial with some little more consideration (italian version is here).
The story finishes with the fifth chapter of the Heroes "comic book", with Claire revealing the truth to the world. I didn't liked the last chapters of the show, but the end was ok: a closure of a cycle with an open ending, confirming certain hermetical symbolisms that can be found in the story.
The character of Claire Petrelli (adopted by secret agent Bennet) reveals himself to be the central one, from the start ("Save the cheerleader, save the world") to the end. In a sort of way, saving Claire, the heroes "save the world" as she reveals their secret at the ending, creating "a brave new world": the world of traditional superheroes, where the superpowers are widely known.

We may also think of "Claire Petrelli" as a senhal: we may traslate it "the Stone of Light", another name of the philosopher's stone, which had the power of giving immortality. And Claire is, in fact, immortal. The patriarch of Petrelli's clan is named Arthur, as the king of the Graal's search: and he has the power of getting other people's powers, the meta-power for excellence, like his true two sons: the good Peter Petrelli (Petra Petrarum: The Stone of the Stones...) and the evil Gabriel (name of an archangel with an ambiguous role in hermetism). Arthur organized his italian clan as a super-powers mafia, destroyed at last by his good son (perhaps it's not a coincidence that the two good Petrellis are both really italo-americans: Claire is Hayden Panettiere, "baker" Peter is Milo Ventimiglia, a city not far by my hometown Mondovì).
In fact, also Claire has the specular power of giving powers to common people, and in the second part of the series she at least make the powers public (and, probably, available to all). A Panettiere, a "baker" to prepare a Bread of Life for all.

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