Jesus Kommt

Jesus Arrive (Mondovì, 2011)

Gesù sta arrivando (Mondovì 2011)

A new hermetical message here in Mondovì: someone has placed a lot of signs about the arrive of Jesus ("Jesus is coming") in all the modern part of the city, the Altipiano. The signs are in Italian, English and French, a international message as we may see. Probably the writer is waiting for 2012 that, as I've said many times in this blog, has also a christian meaning: in 12 a.D., in fact, the predication of Jesus started, with the presentation at the Temple of Jerusalem. In these days, Italian Raelians are asking an embassy for aliens (here the news in Italian newspaper Il Tempo), while the first Drones are flying in the skies of Mondovì (here the news in Italian newspaper La Stampa). It's easy to set up a correlation, but probably it's all a coincidence.

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