The Vacuum Domain

Lightning Ball at Widecombe in the Moor (1638)

This second English post of my  hermetical blog has been suggested by an old friend, very interested in fringe science themes. "Vacuum domains" (in Italian,  "domini di vuoto") are an imbalance between gravitational and anti-gravitational area in which gravity can be changed in  electricity and vice versa. This will generate a wormhole with a Vacuum Domain in which a Ball Lightning will be generated. The Lightning Ball will have a low frequency of 10 Hz, similar to the human brain frequency. So it has been  made the hypothesis that  mind waves can be used to control this kind on energy. 

I'm not a physician (informations come from here, an "official science" site), so i can't say that much about the scientific aspect of the thing. But there are several visual documents of these lightning ball in the past, but often in the net thet are not correctly classified. So in this post I will examinate this documentation. The first, from the cover of the post, is an engraving from 1638, and show a ball of fire destroying an old stone church. Churches were often the highest buildings of the time, and so they attracted these phenomenons: so it is clear why the light balls have been associated to a supernatural manifestation of the devil, or the God wrath.

Georg Richmann Death from a Lightning Ball (1753)

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin and Gianbatista Beccaria of Mondovì (of which I will say more, sooner or later) started the modern scientific study of electricity. One year later, professor Georg Richmann of Saint Petersburg created a device following their studies, and was killed by a light ball generated by the instrumenct during a storm, as we see in the two different engravings here.

Ball of Fire hits a church (1850 c.)
With XIX century, newspapers started to speak of the phenomenon, defining them "Balls of Fire". Newspapers gave popularity to their existence, and the hermetical world started studying it.

Engravings, perhaps all from "The Aerial World" (1875) by George Hartwig

In 1875, scientist George Hartwig (1813-1880) published "The Aerial World", in which he examinated the phenomenon of "Balls of Fire".  In 1916, occultist Aleister Crowley studied them with great interest. He said: "I have a powerful instinctive feeling that I am myself an wholly electrical phenomenon, and the wilder the storm, the more completely do I feel myself in my element."

First XX century illustration

Lightning Balls in late XX century illustrations.

After Crowley, all the hermetism of the XX century continued the study of these Balls of Fire, often linking itself to fringe science. Perhaps, it is not a coincidence that one of the first albums of modern rock and roll was "Great Balls of Fire" of Jerry Lee Lewis (1935, still living) that used to set on fire the piano during his concerts. An hermetical message between occult, music and fringe science.

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