London Calling


Altre foto dal viaggio a Londra.

Miniature House.

Westminster dal Tamigi.

Westminster Bridge.

Westminster Cyberpunk. 

The Great Fire of London (1666), attraction.

The Eye of London.

Other attractions.


Hungerford Bridge.

Sherlock Holmes Pub.

Red Phones.

La National Gallery.

"The Air Pump" di John Wright.

"The Execution of Lady Gray" di Delaroche.

William Turner.

Francesco Hayez.


Norway House.

When red light shows wait here / 10 Downing Street.

10 Downing Street / Do Not Proceed.

10 Downing Street / Prime Minister Residence.

Downing Street

Five continent under the rule of England (only Europe is fully dressed).

Westminster Abbey

Twinings official shop.

Devereux (Virtus Comes Invidia).

Devereux - Templars Restaurant.

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